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Banged Up Blue

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3D prints

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el2  el2  elephant helmet concept  ancient one 2 
the ancient one  crayo  eye1  ki2 
KI3  kki1  cools2  final old man2 
nestf  shell1  sn22  cybils 
f4  face1n  face2n  cosmic dragon- 
prizon planet  sand gate  birth2r  kfinalsr 
shell  new krinfinals  bluenewpgll  gold ledge 
new fish  arcuss  bull1  dead tree 
swamp eyes  sifi guy  ZBrush Movie helmet.2mpg  ZBrush Movie helmet 
ZBrush Movie  planet5best  sword t.414  sword t.418 
3best  w3  second  t  g2 
g6  g7  grunge1  nnh3 
red9  finalana  jellnew3  photo 3 (2) 
Untitled47  ARCUS NEW STATE  skullnid2  zbrush skullnid sculpt 
C6 ZBRUSH BIKE3  squid5  squid5bl  sbrush helmet 
trans human effects render  gunfnew.188  asguardia  transhuman, 
transhuman2  3n.240  zbrush sifi tech rifle  f4.146[77]  lli 
BB2  Banged up Blue sifi render  BB7  whitep  future sifii armor  jre 
b12  cg2  ceh1  xuit3f 
xuitf  pro2  promallter1  PROMALLITER 
arcusf2  chamber of cres2t.366  sculpt  IN REACH OF VALKYRIES 
escalation  october embers  ct1234v2  rider2 
rider1  gig1f  pyramid  (TELKANY) THROUGH THE COSMIC STORM 
C.R.A.B  4sunsdone  ALISS  ALISS  behind the mask  BEHIND THE MASK 
cofff2  A-EON COFFIN FRONT  vindu white  stillife  lightb1 
eye of perdition2  photo 3 (4) - Copy  dir hires  vue shard 
zbrush1  incustarfinal  UntitledFMG DREAMYsp  FORGIVE ME'S Zbrush 4,Filter Forge, Photoshop 4 ,Poser pro  me (7) : GlazeApp 
crackedworld  CRAKED WORLD Filer Forge Photoshop 4  photo 4 - Copy (2)  standard  skorn  SKORN 
Delirdrum  pinefinal2 (3)  clawsculptprint  CLAW SCULPT Bryce 5  halo 
greeceonemillionad  GREECE 1,000,000,000,000 A.D. vue and photoshop  the crown  alizarianc  ALAZARIAN  photo(7)  KROWN,  created with vue 9, zbrush 4, photoshop cs 4 , 
blueshell  ball2  finalgirl  ghost final (3) 
merc start end  demon)  DEMONS RENDERED, created and rendered in zbursh 4  chris babb 2010  yellowf  ash2